Is the occasion you are planning one which you want to make special and memorable? If so fireworks will do just that.”  
At a wedding it may be a display before the bride and groom leave the reception, at a corporate event just after a major statement or presentation; or at a party to kick the whole thing off.As a registered pyrotechnics company carrying licences and insurances above the industry standards we have available to us a much wider range of fireworks than many other display operators. This allows us to individually plan your display to best suit your location and occasion. 
We will be delighted to call by appointment and undertake a site assessment and discuss the type of displays which best suit your specific needs -  this of course is done without charge and is all part of the service. 
Displays can be booked from as little as £700. However fireworks are not cheap and the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’, very much applies here.  You can be assured we only use the best and safest fireworks available.


Starburst Fireworks aerial  shells

Typical Wedding - £900 lasting approx 10 minutes 

Show Start
First firework “wide bursting shell” fired by a remote button pressed by Bride/Groom 

Stage 2
Aerial display of 125 varying coloured bombette’s rapidly fired finishing with a 7 mine/bombette combination

 Stage 3
An array of ground fireworks and roman candles all with multiple shots 

Stage 4
A line of 5 large silver and gold fountains rising up some 15 feet and creating a wall of fire. Behind complimenting fireworks rise above this wall and explode with bright colourful bursts 

A final volley of 10 aerial shells fired high in the sky bursting in a bright array of colour - filling the sky and marking the end of the display




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